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Friday, January 7, 2011

ENGLISH: Rider Safety

We've received emails from people concerned about rider safety, and we want to thank you for the concerns, they are all valid and they are all being considered and we completely agree: Safety is numero uno.

We are working with the cooperation of the state, Secretary of Tourism, Green Angels, the various local municipalities and local medical support, as well as our own forward and rear safety vehicles. In addition to the safety measures, we are keeping the daily rides short; most under 60 miles and plan to educate the riders about the dangers.

However, that being said. This year the focus is on the small 5-mile community rides. Our goal is to get as many people riding through their own communities, more so than the long peninsula ride. The peninsula ride is beyond the reach of many, but is a great way to get attention to the Baja Love Ride, which will help us increase the number of local riders and achieve our goal of raising money for the children in each respective community.

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