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Friday, February 11, 2011

Engllish: Back to Original Route

February 11, 2011 - The Baja Love Ride will be using the originally released Baja California route from Rosarito Beach to San Felipe. The Federal Government informed the state this week that because of issues related to insurance and liability, the Baja Love Ride would not be able to use the Federal Toll Road from Playas de Tijuana to the northern Rosarito Beach exit. 

It was suggested that the ride be rerouted to another location in Tijuana, possibly the Zona Rio, however the Ride Advisory Committee decided it made more sense to go back to the shortened route originally announced, which is the same route used for the Rosarito Ensenada Fun Ride, so logistically all authorities are familiar with the route and safety precautions.  Go to for all the correct information.


  1. Driving Baja with a caravan of 102" wide motor coach's would not be a good idea during this time. Traveling in general is not advised during these time periods. Hwy 1 is a wonderful adventure and will remain so for many years to come but as yet does not have a bicycle lane! Good Luck, Safety First.

  2. Travel Baja with joy and don't worry about the criminal eliminate the danger is simply the road is not safe on curves and grades. Having traveled Baja for many years, I want to wish you the best, The sightseer that is not looking for you may be your biggest danger. Your safety and the safety of others is in question here.

  3. The ride is support with road closures, federal and municipal police and both lead, follow and SAG wagons. Safety First is right.