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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baja Love Ride: Day 1 Breaking Down Camp

March 23, 2011 - Baja Love Ride: Day 1 Breaking Down Camp
Ride had a spill; but he is okay! Day one was a challaging ride for for sure and warm up for others
Spagetti - Bocce Ball - Fire and lot of fun!
New Rider this morning Pepe from the Baja Sectratay of Tourism Ofiice.

Below a few in camp photos the morning of march 23rd.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baja Officials Stand United with Baja Love Ride


Baja Officials Stand United with Baja Love Ride

San Felipe, Baja California, March 17 - The Baja Love Ride is a 4-day “ride for cause” fundraising bicycling event that will stretch from Rosarito Beach to San Felipe and will also include admission to the 5th Annual San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta. The event is designed to showcase the best of Baja, illustrate public safety and simultaneously promote tourism. This event promises to not only bring the Baja communities together, but also benefit those facets of Baja society that need help the most, the children of Baja.

Baja California Secretary of Tourism, Juan Tintos Funcke and the state have all fully supported the idea of the event from its conception. This week, officials with the Baja California Secretary of Tourism office have committed themselves further to the success of the Baja Love Ride, by approving the participation of high ranking state tourism delegates. In addition to escorts by the Mexican Federal Police, Red Cross and Green Angels, state officials Hector Higuera Aguilar, Tourist Assistance Chief, State Secretariat of Tourism and Arturo Martinez Deputy Director of Visitor Assistance and Facilitation, State Secretariat of Tourism of Baja California and other delegates of the state will be joining the riders of the Baja Love Ride for the full 4 days to share in this unique and unforgettable Baja experience.

The ride will begin on Tuesday March 22, at 10AM in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel and will finish Friday March 25, at 3PM at the Arches of San Felipe. All riders will receive complimentary tickets to the Blues and Arts Fiesta on Saturday March 26, another charitable event to help the children of Baja that also draws a huge crowd each year.

The promoters of this event want to encourage everyone that loves Baja, whether you own a bicycle or not, to be a part of this event in one way or another. You are encouraged to ride, volunteer or donate. Proceeds raised in each community will remain in each community to support the local children's organizations that desperately need continuous help. This is the time to stand up and be counted. Baja and its residents have been taking a hit from US media, which has led to an undeserved reputation of Baja being unsafe for tourist, an industry Baja relies heavily upon. Now is the time to help dispel reports that lead people to believe Baja is anything but safe, secure and a wonderful place to visit and live. Alongside the event promoters and the
Baja California Secretary of Tourism, we all need to stand together and show the world that Baja is a welcoming destination overflowing with people that care about their communities, their children and their country.

Taking part in the Baja Love Ride is bound to be a memorable experience for those looking to be involved in improving the lives of children and also looking to take in the beauty, serenity, hospitality and luxury Baja has to offer every step of the way. Helping others and pampering your senses at the same time is what the Baja Love Ride can give to riders, spectators and volunteers all along the route. Please join us.

Media Contact:
John Pack
Baja: 686-230-9933 in Baja
US Toll Free: 877-LUVMEX1
Additional Information on the Blues & Arts:
For additional information on any of these fine resorts accommodating the Baja Love Ride,
please visit their websites:

March 21 - Orientation
Rosarito Beach Hotel
Mexico Tel: (661) 612-1111|
US Toll Free: 866 ROSARITO (767-2748)

March 22 - Day #1
Hotel / Resort Estero Beach
Mexico Tel: 646 176-6225
US Tell: 011 52 (646) 176-6230

March 23 - Day #2
Hacienda Ojos Negros
Mexico Tel: 686 568 1005
Toll Free: 1 866 973 7361

March 24 - Day #3
El Oasis Orphanage
Valle de la Trinidad

March 24 - Day #4
Vista de Sol RV Park
San Felipe BC Mexico

Thursday, March 10, 2011

ZAPP - BAJA LOVE RIDE Benefits Children in San Felipe (ENG)

This email is coming to you from Steven aka the "DOGMAN" of ZAPP in San Felipe BC Mexico. sent March, 10, 2011.

Several of my good friends here in San Felipe have created this amazing bicycle ride to benefit the children of Baja.

My personal interest in sending you this email, is to support CASA de FE Orphanage here in San Felipe; one of many beneficiaries of the ride's entire route. I'm doing what I can do to help fill the San Felipe portion of this event, which is Friday, March 25th, starting at the fountain at La Ventana del Mar, and ending at the Arches downtown, seven miles later. This leg of the ride is aptly called "GOOD START" and created to provide more children in San Felipe with the good start every child deserves in life. 

CASA de FE is the creation of Bill & Carol Spradlin, and the event is being produced by John & Rachel Pack, great friends and supporters of ZAPP, and the publishers of BAJA CALIFORNIA MAGAZINE.

Especially if you are in San Felipe, and especially if you are like me, and will never sit on a bicycle seat again, you can support this seven mile leg of the ride by finding someone to ride in your place, which is what I have done, in order to have as many people participate as possible, so this becomes an annual event.

Your $25 donation will not only benefit CASA de FE Orphanage here in San Felipe, but will also give you access into the

5th Annual San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta, on Saturday, March 26th. If you sign up before the 14th of this month, you will also get a Baja Love Ride t-shirt.

Please support these committed friends of San Felipe's stray and indigent animals in this huge endeavor, and at the same time, help out the kids of San Felipe.

the PRODUCERS of the RIDE at:

 This email is coming to you from Steven aka the "DOGMAN", and I've elected not to share  my list, but rather to contact you directly from


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Binational Emergency is providing Emergency Medical Support


Binational Emergency Medical Care Committee will Provide Emergency Medical Support to the Baja Love Ride

San Felipe, Baja California - March 2, 2011 - The 225 mile charity bicycle ride from Rosarito Beach to San Felipe is being sponsored by the Binational Emergency Medical Care Committee (BEMCC), a non-profit organization that provides medical or life-threatening emergency transportation. In Addition, BEMCC will be providing the event with emergency medical support, with the aid and coordination of the Mexican Red Cross that will be escorting the event.

“The event is about having fun and an adventure, and safety is paramount” says organizer John Pack. “We will have the Red Cross of Rosarito, Ensenada, Mexicali and San Felipe as part of the event road team and BEMCC as our emergency medical team.”

The Baja Love Ride is a fundraising event for several orphanages and non-profit children’s organization in the communities the ride passes through. It is a fully supported, 4-day cycling tour with both camping and resort accommodations; a good time for all.

“From muscle soreness and scraps to Emergency evacuation, the riders well-being is a top priority,” Mr. Pack continues, already looking ahead, “we want all these riders to help cycle for the kids next year to Cabo.”  

About BEMCC - The Binational Emergency Medical Care Committee originated in California and consists of people from the United States and Mexico. The Binational Emergency committee represents the medical field, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, social workers, consular officials and hospital personnel. With over thirty years of experience, the BEMCC will coordinate transportation back into the United States. They do this by contacting first responders such as ambulance personnel, consular officials, police, Coast Guard, or whomever that is necessary for a safe return.  Additional Info:

About Baja Love Ride - The Baja Love Ride is a 225 mile bicycle ride over 4 days to raise money for less fortunately children in Baja and to help showcase Baja as a welcoming, safety travel destination.  The ride begins on Tuesday March 22, 2011 at 10:00AM at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, Rosarito Beach and finishes 4 days later on March 25, at the Arches of San Felipe, Baja California.

Media Contact:
John Pack
Baja: 686-230-9933 in Baja
US Toll Free: 877-LUVMEX1

Binational Emergency Medical Care Committee Proporcionara apoyo médico de emergencia para el Baja Love Ride


Binational Emergency Medical Care Committee Proporcionara apoyo médico de emergencia para el Baja Love Ride

San Felipe, Baja California - 2 de Marzo de 2011 - El paseo de caridad en bicicleta de 225 millas desde Playas de Rosarito a San Felipe está siendo patrocinado por la Binational Emergency Medical Care Committee (BEMCC), una organización sin fines de lucro que proporciona atencion médica de emergencia o transporte de emergencia. Ademas, BEMCC le proporcionará al evento apoyo médico de emergencia, con la ayuda y la coordinación de la Cruz Roja Mexicana la cual escoltara el evento.

"El evento es para divertirse y una aventura, y la seguridad es primordial" dice el organizador John Pack. "Vamos a tener la Cruz Roja de Rosarito, Ensenada, Mexicali y San Felipe como parte del equipo de carretera y BEMCC como nuestro equipo de emergencia médica."

La Baja Love Ride es un evento de recaudación de fondos para los orfanatos y organizaciónes sin fines de lucro en las comunidades por las cuales el paseo pasara. Es un viaje totalmente respaldado, una excursión en bicicleta de 4 días con alojamiento de campamento; un buen momento para todos.

"Desde dolor muscular y desechos a la evacuación de emergencia, el bienestar de los ciclistas es una prioridad" continúa el Sr. Pack, ya mirando al futuro, "queremos que todos estos ciclistas ayuden a los niños para el próximo año a Los Cabos".

Acerca de BEMCC - La Binational Emergency Medical Care Committee se originó en California y está formado por personas de los Estados Unidos y México. El Comité Binacional de Emergencias representa el campo de la medicina, federales, estatales y agencias locales de aplicación de la ley, trabajadores sociales, funcionarios consulares y personal del hospital. Con más de treinta años de experiencia, el BEMCC coordinará el transporte de regreso a Estados Unidos. Lo hacen al ponerse en contacto con personal de primera respuesta como el personal de ambulancia, los funcionarios consulares, la policía, la Guardia Costera, o quien sea que sea necesario para un regreso seguro. Información adicional:

Acerca de Paseo Baja Love - La Baja Love Ride es un paseo en bicicleta de 225 millas de 4 días para recaudar fondos para niños menos afortunados en Baja California y para ayudar a demostrar que Baja California es un acogedor destino turístico seguro. El viaje comienza el Martes 22 de marzo 2011 a las 10:00 AM en el Hotel Playas de Rosarito, en Playas de Rosarito y termina cuatro días despues el 25 de Marzo, en Los Arcos de San Felipe, Baja California.

Contacto para medios:
John Pack
Baja: 686-230-9933 in Baja
US Toll Free: 877-LUVMEX1