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Thursday, March 10, 2011

ZAPP - BAJA LOVE RIDE Benefits Children in San Felipe (ENG)

This email is coming to you from Steven aka the "DOGMAN" of ZAPP in San Felipe BC Mexico. sent March, 10, 2011.

Several of my good friends here in San Felipe have created this amazing bicycle ride to benefit the children of Baja.

My personal interest in sending you this email, is to support CASA de FE Orphanage here in San Felipe; one of many beneficiaries of the ride's entire route. I'm doing what I can do to help fill the San Felipe portion of this event, which is Friday, March 25th, starting at the fountain at La Ventana del Mar, and ending at the Arches downtown, seven miles later. This leg of the ride is aptly called "GOOD START" and created to provide more children in San Felipe with the good start every child deserves in life. 

CASA de FE is the creation of Bill & Carol Spradlin, and the event is being produced by John & Rachel Pack, great friends and supporters of ZAPP, and the publishers of BAJA CALIFORNIA MAGAZINE.

Especially if you are in San Felipe, and especially if you are like me, and will never sit on a bicycle seat again, you can support this seven mile leg of the ride by finding someone to ride in your place, which is what I have done, in order to have as many people participate as possible, so this becomes an annual event.

Your $25 donation will not only benefit CASA de FE Orphanage here in San Felipe, but will also give you access into the

5th Annual San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta, on Saturday, March 26th. If you sign up before the 14th of this month, you will also get a Baja Love Ride t-shirt.

Please support these committed friends of San Felipe's stray and indigent animals in this huge endeavor, and at the same time, help out the kids of San Felipe.

the PRODUCERS of the RIDE at:

 This email is coming to you from Steven aka the "DOGMAN", and I've elected not to share  my list, but rather to contact you directly from


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