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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ENGLISH: Baja Love Ride - A Charity Event for Baja Kids

The first of hopefully many Baja Loves Rides is being planned. Baja Love Ride will be a bike ride for charity that will hopefully improve the lives of countless children who need support from the entire peninsula.

The ride will be approx. 1000 miles long through 12 communities down Baja. It is slated to last 15 days, starting on February 14th in Rosarito Beach and finishing on February 28th in Cabo San Lucas.  

Riders are encouraged to get the word out and bring in as many participants as they can. They are also being encouraged to seek donors to support the cause. This ride is perfect for athletes, seasoned cyclists or anyone who wishes to engage in the personal challenge of completing the course. It will also be an amazing way to experience the breath-taking landscape that is Baja.

Riders can join the Baja Love Ride as a team. Teams can be made up of two to four riders. 

With a team in place, the ride can be completed in a relay fashion, allowing individual riders to sit out some of the course and basically share the load. There will be sponsors and supporters all along the ride route to assist or guide any rider. There will be ample rest stops, designated hotels and meals for participants along the way.  

If a 15-day peninsula long ride is outside the scope of your participation, like it would be for worries, the ride is design for everyone. Symbolic of the need for a child to have a good start on life, the ride will begin each morning with a “Good Start” ride. The Good Start ride will be approx. 5 miles long from the starting point to a sponsor restaurant, where a presentation will be given about the ride, the charity and children.    

John and Rachel Pack, of Baja Good Life Club, are the creators behind Baja Love Ride and see the idea as a win-win for them and everyone in Baja. They are extremely passionate about promoting the best about the land they love and call home. They see the ride as a way to help better the lives of innocent children who have no control over their circumstances and also a creative way to promote Baja both culturally and socially. Plus, for them and others in the area who strive to be the best they can be, it is an awesome way to stay or get in shape.

They personally encourage anyone interested to join and begin seeking donors to ensure this ride is a success and hopefully something the needy children of Baja will come to know as an annual helping hand. Find out how you can help at

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